Well Lowe And Behold! Rob Lowe Dumps $45 Million Home In Montecito For Small Fortune To Downsize In Beverly Hills.

In so many ways, life really must not suck if you are Rob Lowe. He’s a huge Los Angeles Dodgers fan, so he’s still celebrating their recent World Series championship. Plus, with a 40-year career in Hollywood, he’s an acting icon, still on top of his game, and he works when he wants.

And for those times when he’s not working, let’s just say he can sift through scripts very comfortably in the new home he just bought for $3.75 million in Beverly Hills. This is just weeks after he was able to finally sell the incredible home he owned in Montecito for a cool $45 million.

Here’s a look at what the Lowe’s said goodbye to. The estate, which was sold to private equity executives Jack and Julie McGinley, is in a word, spectacular. Known as Oakview, it sits on 3.4 acres and features a 10,000-square-foot main house, a 55-foot-long swimming pool and a sunken tennis court.

Take a look!




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