Vivek Dubey: An Industry Leader in Innovation and Fintech Space With Social Causes

Vivek Dubey: An Industry Leader in Innovation and Fintech Space With Social Causes
Vivek Dubey: An Industry Leader in Innovation and Fintech Space With Social Causes

For revolutionary products to come to market, it often takes years of work. But sometimes we can’t wait for a long period, and action has to be taken quickly. Innovation is amazing, but it requires people who have leadership and unconventional ideas together. Only those who can master the new skill faster, understand the situation at a deeper level, and dedicate themselves to making a better world can add value when needed in emergencies.

Like in the recent pandemic, Vivek Dubey’s detection & controlling of the epidemic through the new age technology stack became one of the genius ideas that genuinely supported people to face the challenges. Because of his astounding work in the field of innovation and Fintech, he was featured in Silicon Valley Times magazine. Vivek has done numerous brilliant work in the industry and inspired people around the world.

Vivek also owns Patent IDEEA and a system to predict regulatory penalties for a financial institute & provide an escalation mechanism. IDEEA ( Interactive Digital Entertainment Ecosystem Autonomous) is the idea of combining- Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Holographic Technique, AromaRama/Smell-O-Vision techniques with Artificial Intelligence. IDEEA is the best fit for amusement parks like Disney World and Universal Studios.

When people are scared of problems, Vivek sees innovation as the solution. Technological advancement is not needed in business only; together with innovation, fintech has become part of people’s daily life.

Vivek Dubey is an industry leader in Innovation and Fintech Space with social causes. Here are some of the leadership qualities that can be learned from him to become a next-generation top innovator.


Vivek in his articles and social media talks about seeing a bigger picture. Having a clear vision of the final product is essential to making things happen in the real world. The mindset should not be limited and requires trust in the process. Many people may not believe in your idea but a commitment is essential even if an individual faces failure. Vivek says for him being known as an industry leader in innovation and fintech space was not an easy thing to achieve. There were people around who never understood his vision and didn’t take him seriously. But with dedication and continued engagement, he has been the lead source to numerous revolutionary innovations. Because of his vision to change the world and influential work, his book “ The Journey of RegTech” is recommended in the Post Graduate Program MBA- FinTech, Pune University, India. Not only that, Dubey‘s book made it to the Top 100 FinTech books of all time.

Vivek Dubey: An Industry Leader in Innovation and Fintech Space With Social Causes

Vivek Dubey: An Industry Leader in Innovation and Fintech Space With Social Causes

Think Ahead

Most of the time people try to solve problems in the old fashion way. Innovative people think beyond the recent problem and find better ways to erase difficulties that might come in the future as well. Vivek challenges himself every day and thinks ahead, which has made him one of the futuristic and philanthropic leaders in innovation and the Fintech space.

The world is amazing right now with technological advancement. Social media, AI, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, NFT, Cloud, Ecommerce, and more are great, but it’s getting normal. New innovators need to think ahead of this and solve possible problems that the end customers might face using these high-tech tools.

Connecting the dots

Innovators are always learners even if they have the best awards in the industry. Vivek in my recent conversation mentioned that it’s easier to get lost and fail if the ego of being the best is high. To bring a revolutionary innovation it’s crucial to connect the dots from its origin to the current issue. And it’s only possible when an individual is humble to learn, track trends, and care about the world.

An Innovator is someone who gets numerous amazing ideas every day. But the innovative leader focuses on the most crucial one: creating mind-maps and connecting every dot that is needed to achieve the result. They mastered avoiding distraction which helps them to work consciously and recognize the importance of their work.

Unlike ever before, innovation has made human potential limitless. This is the time to thrive and expand our reach. Business, healthcare, transportation, and almost all the industries are moving in a new and better direction, thanks to digitalization. People like Vivek who pursue innovation for good passion are making a transformative impact in human lives.

As an innovator & leader in Fintech creating social impact, Vivek Dubey reminds us of the social responsibilities and the need for real change. With innovation, it’s possible to build a novel idea into accelerating business for good. With over 17 years of profound experience, Vivek has helped many people around the world to achieve their dream. Feel free to reach out to him via LinkedIn if you have any questions or need advice.

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