U-F-Owe Us An Explanation! Senator Marco Rubio Told 60 Minutes The UFO Threat Is Real And The Pentagon Needs to Investigate.

So this UFO thing is getting more real by the day. 

Sunday night, Florida Senator Marco Rubio went on “60 Minutes” and said there have been enough credible sightings lately, to warrant some explanations and a full-fledged investigation by Congress. 

Rubio is the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, so not only is he privy to classified info of what’s going on, he’s in a position to help do something to try to figure out what these space vessels are doing here. 

The point Rubio made on 60 Minutes was tases flying objects are a serious risk to national security. 

Rubio demanded that the Pentagon prepare a report on what they know about the  UFO’s and that report should be available in about a month. 

The UFO sightings have gone from crackpot witnesses to members of the Navy, and very high ranking, smart, and serious people in the government are realizing this is a potential threat that needs to be identified and studied. 

Luis Elzondo is the former head of the Pentagon’s UFO investigation program was interviewed on the CBS broadcast, and he is a firm believer we have visitors.

 “Imagine a technology that can… fly 13,000 miles an hour, that can evade radar… has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces… That’s precisely what we’re seeing.”

The UFO sightings have been happening for many years, but the difference now is military members are actively discussing sightings and the volume is just too high to continue to be ignored. 

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