The Transfer Portal. Transgender College Swimmer Started Career As A Man And Is Now Crushing Ivy League Records Competing Against Women.

College swimmer Lia Thomas has turned her career around at the University of Pennsylvania. 

In fact, after struggling in competitions and meets for her first two years racing against fellow men when she was known as Will Thomas, she made a significant change, and now, competing as a woman on the Penn team, she’s destroying Ivy League records. 

Thomas is crushing her competition.  She won her recent 200-yard freestyle race by seven seconds and finished with the fastest time in the country. 

She finished 38 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher in the 1650 yard freestyle race this weekend.  

According to the NCAA rules, all it takes is one year of testosterone suppression treatment for an athlete to start competing against women. 

Here’s what she told Penn Today this past June. 

“The process of coming out as being trans and continuing to swim was a lot of uncertainty and unknown around an area that’s usually really solid. Realizing I was trans threw that into question. Was I going to keep swimming? What did that look like?”

Thomas has a great chance of becoming a national champion and Division 1 All-American with the times she is registering.

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