Time Magazine Is Still Around? Once Relevant Magazine Selects Biden/Harris As “Person Of The Year” Over Healthcare Workers And Vaccine Inventors.

Healthcare workers and scientists be damned, all you need to do is win an election against Donald Trump and suddenly you will be named TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year.

In what most view as pathetic pandering, TIME Magazine chose Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their 2020 “Person of the Year.” The move even prompted calls from people on the left to question the announcement, as many felt healthcare workers should have been an easy choice.

“Person of the Year is not an award — it is a marker,” TIME said. “It is history as it’s written, whether good or bad.” If that’s the case, other than run in an election in 2020, what exactly did Biden and Harris do?

In what will surely be known as “The Year of the Pandemic,” healthcare workers, the scientists who created a vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci and even Donald Trump all had a much, much bigger impact than did Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

In fact, reading the article it’s fairly easy to see that Biden and Harris were chosen because they offered an opportunity to stop “Hurricane Trump,” as author Charlotte Alter described the current president. Alter said she saw Biden and Harris as an opportunity to return to normalcy and stability in Washington.

The article seems to contradict the magazine’s own choice of Biden and Harris, as it basically says the pair were chosen because of everything Trump had done. Doesn’t that make the case that Trump was the bigger story in 2020, “good or bad,” as TIME themselves described the “marker”?

TIME Magazine deservedly received plenty of backlash on the decision, as social media critics mocked the choice of “basement”-hiding Joe Biden over those who actually had an impact on 2020. Healthcare workers should have been a no-brainer choice, but apparently that set the bar far too high for TIME.

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