This Guy Deserves An “I Saved A Life” Sticker!

Voting can be a life-affirming act, but it was a life-saving one in the case of a Missouri man on Wednesday.

Kenny Nowling, of Lake Saint Louis, Mo., was talking to a man while they were standing in the voting line outside a Wentzville, Mo.,, school when the other man collapsed suddenly at the Liberty High School polling site.

A nurse who was standing nearby rushed to the fallen man and began to administer CPR with the help of her husband, an off-duty police officer. As they were doing that, Liberty High School assistant principal Dr. Matt Kiesel was alerted and he raced to retrieve the campus defibrillator. It was 6 a.m., but Kiesel was on campus to help election officials prepare the voting site, according to a school district release.

Kiesel quickly brought the defibrillator and assisted in administering the shocks to bring back the man’s pulse. As an ambulance arrived at the scene, Nowling was regaining consciousness and talking.

“Thank you to the Lake Saint Louis police officer, his wife and angel of a wife and Dr. Kiesel for acting so calmly and methodically and saving this man’s life!” Nowling wrote on social media. “You all are real life SUPER HEROES! What a perfect time for all of us to remember that, regardless of our political affiliations, we are all human beings living in the greatest country in the world.”

That’s one Election Day win for the good in humanity.

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