“The Squad” Gets Pretty Liberal With Their Profanity. Ilhan Omar Is Peddling T-Shirts Featuring President Trump And The F-Word.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., listens during an event, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, outside the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Headquarters in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), appears to have struck again in her back-and-forth battle with Donald Trump, selling T-shirts with a racy message via her website.

The slogan among the merchandise says “F**k around and find out,” with the asterisks and not the actual F-word. The reference is from one of her post-election comments about Trump’s defeat.

Omar, a member of the progressive “Squad” who was elected in the 2018, has a short but well-chronicled history with the president.

Leading to 2020 Election Day, Trump targeted Omar at his rallies, claiming she hates the U.S. Trump, during a Pennsylvania rally in September, specifically targeted Omar. “She’s telling us how to run our country,” he said. “How did you do where you came from? How is your country doing?”

Omar, born in Somalia, arrived in the U.S. as a refugee in 1995 and became an American citizen in 2000.

Trump stressed that those in Minnesota do not like her—and especially her progressive views—and that momentum would help swing the election in favor of the GOP and Trump. Omar easily won reelection while Trump was defeated by Biden.

Asked to comment on the election results, Omar said of Trump: “He effed around and found out, I guess.”

Another shirt among the merchandise says “Organized people beat organized money.” Buttons and stickers have various slogans including “Women of color refuse to be muzzled” and “Black women refuse to be muzzled.” The T-shirts sell for $30. According to the site, any purchase is considered a donation to Ilhan Omar for Congress.

The other three “Squad” members—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan—also won their 2020 races.

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