The Rock Says: “Can You Find A Bigger Car?” Dwayne Johnson Can’t Fit Into Porsche In New Netflix Film.

Legendary plus-size action star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson found that he could not accomplish what many of us mere mortals can easily do. The actor/pro wrestler/ex-football player was unable to sit in a Porsche Taycan on set for his upcoming Netflix film “Red Notice.”

Johnson’s Instagram story details his conversation with writer/director Rawson Thurber, whose big-dollar car chase scene found a tight spot (the post is lightly edited for standards and clarity).

It goes as follows:

Rawson: Hey D, let’s get you in the Porsche and I’ll line up the shot.

DJ: Let’s do it.

DJ attempts to get into the car only to get stuck because his back is a bit too wide.

Rawson: * laughs.

DJ continues to struggle trying to shimmy into this Porsche like a big-ass brown marshmallow getting shoved into a coin slot.

Rawson: Wait, can you fit?

DJ: No.

Rawson now nervously laughs.

Rawson: Are you f—ing with me?

DJ: No.

Rawson: Oh my God.

After about 15 seconds of uncomfortable silence … Rawson, myself, and the entire crew just started laughing our asses off!!

F— it. Welcome to 2020.

In the end, we showed our agility to think quick on our feet and found “creative” ways to still get the shot.

The “creative” details were not made available, but the German electric sedan may have had to be modified—or perhaps they used a different car.

According to a story in Monday’s AutoBlog, Johnson also didn’t fit into the Ferrari LaFerrari from the show “Ballers.”

Interesting side note for Tuesday November 17,  this was the day 24 years ago The Rock made his professional wrestling debut in the WWF.

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