The Lawsuit To Be Heard By The Supreme Court On Election Fraud Gains More Support.

The lawsuit filed by the Texas attorney general that is scheduled to be heard inside the Supreme Court is picking up all kinds of supporters. On Thursday, 106 Congressional Republicans signed on to an amicus brief to lend their support to the case.

Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana, who’s one of President Trump’s biggest supporters and a member of leadership for the Republicans, led the charge, and the president called to show his appreciation. “President Trump called me this morning to let me know how much he appreciates the amicus brief we are filing on behalf of Members of Congress. Indeed, ‘this is the big one!’” Johnson said in a tweet.

Eighteen states have signed on to Attorney General Ken Paxton’s case, which called for the four battleground states to respond to the suit by Thursday afternoon.

The action by lawmakers essentially asks the Supreme Court for permission to file a friend-of-the-court brief that asks justices to uphold the power of state legislatures to establish how the presidential electors are appointed.

“Most of my Republican colleagues in the House, and countless millions of our constituents across the country, now have serious concerns with the integrity of our election system,” Johnson said in an interview with CNN. “The purpose of our amicus brief will be to articulate this concern and express our sincere belief that the great importance of this issue merits a full and careful consideration by the Court.”

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