That’s A Lot Of Mona! Someone Pays Almost $100K For A Private Peek At The Mona Lisa.

Journalists walk past Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa during a visit of the Louvre museum ahead of its reopening next July 6, in Paris, Tuesday, June 23, 2020. After four months of virus-imposed inactivity, the world's most visited museum is counting on the world’s most famous portrait, the “Mona Lisa” to help lure back visitors, when the Louvre reopens on July 6.(AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

If you want to view the “Mona Lisa,” then you need to visit the Louvre in Paris and spend around $20 for admission. If you want to view the “Mona Lisa” outside of its protective case at the Louvre, then it will likely cost you around $100,000.

Christie’s auction house recently reported that one person paid 80,000 euros ($98,000) to view the “Mona Lisa” outside of its case when it is removed for its yearly inspections. The winning bid almost tripled Christie’s estimated value on the experience.

The chance to view the “Mona Lisa” was one of a number of unique experiences the Louvre put up for auction. Other experiences included a private concert in what was once the Hall of Kings, a private nighttime visit of the museum by flashlight, and a tour of the museum with President-Director Jean-Luc Martinez.

Some of the non-Louvre experience items included a Cartier bracelet with a tour of Cartier’s jewelry workshop and a viewing of the French crown jewels. That experience sold for $110,000. A chance to have a custom-created fragrance from Louis Vuitton sold for $37,000.

The first-ever Louvre auction raised funds for new programs and a new educational space which they plan to open next year. The 24 items up for bid ended up raising approximately $2.9 million, according to Christie’s.

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