It’s Time To Unmask Some Positive News. Since Texas Governor Greg Abbott Opened His State And Said “No More Masks,” COVID Cases Have Hit Record Lows.

Texas Gov Greg Abbott speaks during a news conferenced about migrant children detentions Wednesday, March 17, 2021, in Dallas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Since Texas Governor Greg Abbott ended the statewide mask mandate 17 days ago, President Biden called his decision “Neanderthal thinking,” he was criticized roundly by media outlets and many democratic politicians, and the number of Covid cases in his state have hit an all-time recorded low. 

He won’t receive kudos or apologies from people who accused him of making a big mistake with his decision, so the Governor decided to give himself what appears to be a much deserved pat on the back on Twitter.

 “Today Texas hit an all-time recorded low for the 7-day Covid positivity rate: 5.27%. It’s been below 6% for 5 days & below 10% for an entire month.

Covid hospitalizations declined again–now at the lowest level since October 3rd. Vaccinations continue to increase rapidly.”

There’s more positive news and numbers from Texas, while the data across the board is promising, the state recorded their largest day of coronavirus vaccines administered, with 342,849. 

Abbott was essentially labeled the poster child for poor decision making when he completely opened his state of March 10th.  Businesses have been operating as normal, unlike many areas of the country, where restaurants, theaters, churches and sports stadiums arenas are still closed or allowing only a fraction of capacity inside. 

On the surface it appears shocking this great, positive news isn’t celebrated and championed. 

But uplifting stories that showcase and honor American resilience and rational thinking are not what many gloom-and-doom media outlets are interested in. 

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