Sold, For $91,145.60! Some Random Rich Person Buys Super Bowl Ring With 283 Diamonds At Auction.

FILE - In this March 1, 2018, file photo, a New England Patriots Super Bowl LI ring, created after the 38-24 win over the Atlanta Falcons in 2017, is seen at the Super Bowl Rings exhibit in Indianapolis. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has donated his Super Bowl LI championship ring to an auction that raises money to provide meals for those in need during the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan, File)

There’s a couple ways to attain a Super Bowl ring, the hard way, or an easier route. 

The hard way is to be one of 1,696 active NFL players who is fortunate enough to be on a team that wins enough games to qualify for the playoffs. Than defeat 2-3 opponents on your way to the Super Bowl, and finally winning the championship game as over 100 million people watch on television. 

The easy way is to buy one at an auction. Which, according to Pro Football Talk,  is what someone just did, spending $92,000 for a ring from a member of the New England Patriots that won Super Bowl LI. (That was the game the Pats erased a 28-3 deficit to win in overtime.)

Whoever paid the $92,145.60 got a heck of a deal.  The ring features 283 diamonds, and has other intricate designed weaved in, including five Lombardi Trophies, the score of the game, the team’s record, and epic phrases including”Greatest Comeback Ever,” and “We Are All Patriots.”

Yes, now that unidentified person who spent the money to get the ring is a Patriot.  Kind of. 

No word which player sold the ring, but the buyer will find out since the player’s name is engraved on it. 

Does $92K sound a little low for a ring like this? Frankly it is.  Bob Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots donated one of his rings to be auctioned off at the beginning of the pandemic to go to COVID-19 relief.  Someone paid over $1 million for it. 

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