Social Misfits? Bernie and Elizabeth, The Democrat’s Far, Far, Left-Leaning Leaders Might Be Locked Out Of Biden’s Cabinet

Bernie Sanders would look like he’s angry if he were handed a winning Powerball lottery ticket tucked in the glove compartment of a new Rolls Royce Cullinan and told he could even get to partake in one of his favorite past-times: pay an extra 60% tax on all of it. He’s just all wound up in angst and aggravation it seems.

And you can only imagine how mad he must be now, as it is appearing he will not be included in Joe Biden’s cabinet. In fact, both he and Elizabeth Warren, the leaders of the far left wing of the Democratic Party, will both be excluded from at least the more desirable senior level cabinet positions if Biden officially takes over as president in January.

Biden spent the first part of this week releasing names of who’s in line for the plum jobs that will shape his administration, and socialist leaning Democrats, including Sanders and Warren were not on that list, which Sanders said is a huge mistake. “It seems to me pretty clear that progressive views need to be expressed within a Biden administration,” he told The Associated Press. “It would be, for example, enormously insulting if Biden put together a ‘team of rivals’—and there’s some discussion that that’s what he intends to do—which might include Republicans and conservative Democrats—but which ignored the progressive community. I think that would be very, very unfortunate.”

Biden’s transition team so far isn’t commenting about Sanders’ and Warren’s open campaigning for the glamorous gigs, but the silence might indicate they should be content with their Senate seats. For one thing, even if Biden were to nominate them for major roles, getting confirmed would be a challenge. ”Choosing Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, who represent the far left—and in Bernie’s case, an openly socialist view of the world—is not the leadership that the American people just voted for,” said Jennifer Horn, a co-founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project that spent millions to support Biden’s presidential bid.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

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