It’s Bad And Getting Worse. Restaurant Owners Around The Country Getting Crushed By Pandemic, Lockdowns, And Joe Biden’s New Tax Proposals.

Of all the industries that have had to deal with major complications related to COVID and government shutdowns during the pandemic, it’s hard to find one more devastated than the restaurant business. 

It’s been a nightmare for anyone in that space, as they deal with so many issues, including simply finding people willing to do the work. 

On Wednesday, a report by the National Restaurant Association said it’s even worse out there than you think.

They surveyed 4,000 restaurant operators this month and found conditions are worse than they were three months ago. 

The trade lobby wants to use the data they collect to fight Joe Biden’s plan to raise the corporate tax rate.  They also want Congress to replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund which was created at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Here’s part of what Sean Kennedy, the VP of Public Affairs for the NRA said in a letter to lawmakers. 

“Restaurants still need help today and overwhelming them with costly new obligations will only prevent progress in turning the tide of recovery.”

There’s some interesting revelations from the NRA’s study. They found f45% of the survey respondents said their locations weren’t open at full capacity for indoor dining. 

Over 75% of the operators surveyed said they are under-staffed. 

Another issue restaurants have to deal with is a shortage of supplies, thanks to the global supply chain debacle. 95% of those surveyed have experienced some sort of shortage. 

The sad thing is most of these restaurant owners aren’t feeling real optimistic. 55% said they thin things will get worse the next three months. 

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