Remember Kevin Malone From “The Office?” Well, The Actor Who Played Him Is Pulling Seven Figures As the Top Earner on C-List Celebrity App Cameo.

Brian Baumgartner attends the 2018 Santa Barbara International Film Festival American Riviera Award ceremony at the Arlington Theatre on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018, in Santa Barbara, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

Hello, this is Kevin Malone …”

If that doesn’t mean anything to you, it might not be worth the $195 that it takes to have actor Brian Baumgartner deliver a video in that classic Kevin Malone voice from “The Office.” But it means plenty to plenty of people, who are making Baumgartner plenty of money.

Baumgartner is the Cameo app’s top moneymaker, with Cameo founder Steven Galanis revealing on the New York Times “Sway” podcast that Baumgartner will make more than $1 million this year for recording short videos of the lovable cubicle goofball for Cameo. Customers ask for the videos for themselves or to send to others.

“It’s his persona,” Galanis said. “He really takes a lot of pride in his craftsmanship of the videos. And I do think the quality of the Cameo is something that is really important to people. And he just is somebody that really takes it seriously and does a great job.

“He’s reliable. He turns them around quickly. And the content is really fun.”

Celebrities set their own prices, and comedians fare the best. Gilbert Gottfried was last year’s top Cameo grosser. Caitlyn Jenner charges the most, at $2,500, but who wants to see that? YouTube star David Dobrik gets the most requests to join Cameo, even more than Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

For just $22.50, William Hung will sing “She Bangs” for you or actor Larry Thomas will revive the “Soup Nazi” from “Seinfeld” for $80.

Baumgartner, 48, has not played Kevin Malone on “The Office” since the show ended in 2013, but he continues to connect with fans with his podcast, “An Oral History of The Office.”

How much would it cost to bring the cast of “The Office” back for another season?

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