President Biden Takes Over The Official @POTUS Twitter Account. He’s Following 13 People, Including A Former Super Model.

President Joe Biden had a big day adding social media followers to his new @POTUS accounts. As soon as he was sworn in Wednesday, Twitter switched over control of the official @POTUS account to him.

Back in 2017, Donald Trump inherited all of former President Barack Obama’s followers, but this time Biden was not kickstarted with tens of millions of followers.  He started at zero.  Twitter did migrate all the followers from the Biden team’s previous Twitter accounts and put them in his new official one.

Expect Biden’s tweets to be tamer, and less provocative than his predecessor, and his first tweet as President was direct, saying “Today, the work begins.”

As of Thursday morning, the @WhiteHouse has 3.5 million followers.

Also on Thursday morning, @POTUS had 5.3 million followers, and the account was following a total of 13 different people, including President Biden’s wife Jill, Vice President Kamala Harris, and maybe most surprisingly? Chrissy Tiegen, the former model and wife of singer John Legend.

As for Donald Trump’s @POTUS account, that is now archived under @POTUS45, just as the Obama administration’s account was archived at @POTUS44. Former President Obama was the first to use the @POTUS Twitter handle, which launched back in May 2015.

Facebook took similar steps to transfer the official White House page to the Biden team, and they also migrated all his followers from his previous account.

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