Panic Buying And Pipeline Shutdown Leads To Huge Gas Shortage On East Coast. Officials Had To Be Warn Hoarders “Don’t Store Gas In Plastic Bags.”

The Colonial Pipeline will be running at full capacity by Monday, but until then it’s going to be a rough weekend for people on the East Coast of the U.S., looking to fill their tanks. 

Nearly 90% of Washington DC’s gas stations had run out of fuel by Friday, partly due to widespread panic buying which is causing more problems than it is solving. 

The average national gas price hit a level we haven’t seen in almost seven years, as it sits at $3.04 for a gallon. 

While cyberattacks are nothing new, this attack by the now defunct group DarkSide has proven to be the most disruptive attack ever in the United States. 

Joe Biden addressed the issue Friday, telling people supplies should start returning to normal by this weekend. Which is not entirely true at all, as the panic buying could slow things down for the next couple weeks. 

It wasn’t just DC feeling the pinch of a fuel shortage. Reports say almost 70% of gas stations in North Carolina were out, and roughly 50% of stations in Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina had major inventory issues or no fuel at all. 

Officials have had to actually tell people that hoarding gas is dangerous. There have been multiple instances where people have been burned from fires, caused from gas hoarders who were involved in car accidents. 

It’s gotten so bad that officials literally had to warn people not to pour gasoline into plastic bags during the panic buying and hoarding.  

Yes, people were storing gasoline in plastic bags, or strongly considering it.

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