On the Chopper Block! Trump’s ‘Apprentice’ Helicopter Is For Sale

It appears that President Donald Trump is looking to downsize a bit, or else scare up some much-needed recount funds, as he is reportedly set to sell his iconic personal helicopter that was featured many times on his reality show, “The Apprentice.”

For the past four years, Trump has been flying in the presidential helicopter, known as Marine One when it’s carrying the president.

The aircraft resale website JetEdgePartners.com says a deal is actually pending for the 1989 Sikorsky S76B with the personalized registration number N76DT (the last two characters, of course, standing for “Donald Trump”). The aircraft still has the recognizable black paint job with red pinstripe, but the Trump name, which was written across the fuselage, is missing from the posted promotional photos.

Trump purchased the helicopter back in 2010 and almost immediately stripped it down and upgraded the interior in his typical gold luxury décor. It is believed Trump paid anywhere from $5 million to $7 million for the helicopter originally, but he will most likely not get anywhere near that price.

Trump may have decided to sell the chopper in hopes he would still be flying in Marine One for the next four years, but if the lawsuits and recounts don’t go his way, Trump will probably be in the market for a new helicopter. If that’s the case, he will probably consider calling it Marine “Better” One.

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