O.J. Simpson Said He Almost Died From Covid. Fred Goldman Said “Of All The People That Died Of Covid It’s A Shame He Wasn’t One.”

Fred Goldman talks with reporters as he arrives for a debtor judgment hearing in to O.J. Simpson?s assets at Superior Court in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday, June 27, 1997. Goldman and others who won damages in a civil suit that found Simpson liable for the deaths of Goldman?s son, Ron Goldman, and Nicole Brown Simpson, and the IRS, are all seeking to locate and place a value on Simpson?s remaining assets. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

O.J. Simpson did an interview with The Athletic, and talked about his battle with COVID-19 last year, and his comments drew a strong reaction from Fred Goldman, the father of Ronald Goldman, who was murdered along with Nicole Simpson in June of 1994. 

Simpson told the publication that he thought he might die from the disease. 

“When I had COVID, I almost couldn’t get out of bed. I made it to my balcony, trying to breathe. I couldn’t catch my breath. I felt vulnerable and for the first time thought I might be near the end. Since that day, I have wondered. Do I want to be buried? Do I want to be cremated? Years ago, I would have left it up to Nicole because I know she would have done the right thing.”

When Goldman heard about Simpson’s quotes, he fired back by saying he felt it was a shame Simpson didn’t die.

“Out of all the people who’ve passed away from COVID, what a shame he wasn’t one of them. I certainly don’t’ think he deserves any sympathy. He’s alive, he’s free. He can do anything he wants. Everything my son can’t do.”

Other comments Simpson made to The Athletic had to get Goldman even more agitated. 

Say this about The Juice, he has very little tact or shame. The topic changed to what his life is like now.  The 74-year old said it’s pretty spectacular, especially for someone who many, including Goldman, consider guilty of double murder even though he was acquitted in 1995. 

“How many Americans, even today, wouldn’t like to live my life?

I don’t work. I play golf four or five days a week. I go out to dinner a couple of nights with friends. People want to buy me drinks. I’m always taking pictures with people. Ladies hug me.”

Goldman won a $30 million lawsuit against Simpson 1997 but has not been able to collect on it. 

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