No Score To Settle. Nebraska Coach Is Okay With His Buddy From Ohio State Allowing Late, Pointless, Touchdown.

FILE - In this Nov. 23, 2019, file photo, Nebraska head coach Scott Frost looks on during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Maryland in College Park, Md. The Big Ten will start playing football at what normally would be midseason. The coronavirus pandemic limited or eliminated most spring practices. Positive COVID-19 tests and precautions, along with uncertainty about whether there would even be a season, caused disruptions in summer workouts and preseason practices. (AP Photo/Will Newton, File)

When Ohio State was running the score up on Nebraska on Saturday, Nebraska coach Scott Frost was more like Kevin Bacon in “Animal House” (Thank you sir, may I have another?) than Tim Daly in “Diner “(“I’ll hit you so hard, I’ll kill your entire family”).

Not only did Frost accept that the Buckeyes added a touchdown with 18 seconds remaining to win 52-17, he excused it as his budding bromance grows with Ohio State coach Ryan Day.

Asked about Day’s apology on Monday, Frost initially said he did not want to talk about it but added, If we want the score to be different, we need to play better.

Ohio State backup quarterback Jack Miller ran in the final touchdown, an unnecessary score even for the Las Vegas spread that the Buckeyes already had covered.

After the game, Day said, I just want to say it publicly and Im going to text Scott. You know, at the end of the game there, if I could do that again, I would have taken a knee. I feel bad about that at the end of the game. I had a younger quarterback into the game and I didn’t feel like we had the personnel to take the knee and I probably should have done that so I just want to publicly apologize for that to Scott.”

What sort of personnel is required to take a snap and put a knee on the grass respectfully? But it sounds about right for a coach who humiliated Ohio 76-5 last season.

Day also knew he could probably get away with it against Frost, who has been fawning over how Day and Ohio State led the Big Ten to reverse course on playing football this season.

Im going to root for them in every single game, except this first one, because Im grateful to them going shoulder to shoulder to get it back,Frost said.

Given that comment, this might not be the last Big Ten team to run it up on Nebraska.

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