Nike Wants Nothing To Do With Deshaun Watson. They Suspend Their Partnership With The NFL Star Named In 22 Lawsuits.

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson warms up before an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

The mounting lawsuits of alleged sexual misconduct against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson are starting to affect his endorsement deals. 

So far, a total of 22 lawsuits have been filed against the NFL star, and Nike has now decided to suspend their partnership with Watson. 

On Wednesday, Nike released a statement saying they want to detach themselves from Watson. “We are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations and have suspended Deshaun Watson. We will continue to closely monitor the situation.”

A development in the situation is now two of the women that have filed lawsuits have attached their names to them, and one has spoken out.  Ashley Solis appeared at a news conference with her lawyer Tony Buzbee Tuesday.  She said she is “Jane Doe No. 1,” and claimed Watson assaulted her back in March of 2020. 

“I’m a survivor of assault and harassment. Deshaun Watson is my assaulter and my harasser. I replay the incident over and over in my head as if I’m trying to wake up for some horrible nightmare — only that nightmare is real,” she said at the press conference. 

Another woman presented a statement which was read by an attorney. “Every boundary, from professional and therapeutic to sexual and degrading, you crossed or attempted to cross,” Lauren Baxley said through the statement. 

Watson has one of the best lawyers in Houston defending him, and on Tuesday Rusty Hardin released a statement saying Solis was trying to get a $100,000 payment from Watson before filing the lawsuit.  

As for the Houston police, Buzbee has contacted them, and they are investigating at least one compliant against Watson. 

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