Hold Me! NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Will Be Awkwardly Hugging Picks In Person At NFL Draft Again. 

Commissioner Roger Goodell hugs Nick Bosa after Bosa was selected by the San Francisco 49ers with the second pick during the first round of the NFL football draft, in Nashville, Tenn. on Thursday, April 25, 2019. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

Imagine something really awkward and forced, like seeing an ex-girlfriend at a bar with her new boyfriend, and you want to ‘be nice’ and say hi and not look like a complete idiot, so you go in for a spontaneous and ill-timed peck on the cheek and side hug as her new dude gives you the side eye.

That is basically the equivalent of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s attempt at bro hugging the top draft picks as they come to the stage at the NFL Draft. 

A little awkward, a tad bit too passionate, maybe a smidgen forced. But hey, we’ll watch them all night long because the NFL Draft is back to a live performance in a major NFL city and Goodell will not be in his basement calling the picks like he did last year,. 

Oh, and the hugs are 100% back too! Goodell is fully vaccinated, and the League gave him an “all-clear” to hug it out with Trevor Lawrence and whoever follows him in Round 1. 

If you need a light moment at any point today, check some of Goodell’s previous epic hugs on YouTube. They are classed.  There was also the elaborate handshake with Melvin Ingram that is hard to get out of your mind after you see it.  The shoulder bump with Christian Wilkins was memorable, and same thing with Danny Shelton lifting up the Commish when his name was called. 

How did all this start?  According to NFL.com, it was in 2010, when Gerald McCoy wrapped his arms around Goodell like he was returning from an overseas deployment and seeing his best friend for the first time. 

The draft is in Cleveland, and it starts Thursday night. Expect a lot of energy, a ton of excitement, and about 13 bro hugs from Roger Goodell to the prospects who will be in attendance. 

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