New York’s New Mayor Eric Adams Blasts Wall Street Leaders.  He Tells Them To Get Their Workers Back Into The Office For The Sake Of The Entire Fiancial Ecosystem.

You rarely hear a Democratic leader of a big city not embrace the fear-mongering tactics that are part of the COVID playbook for mayors in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and previously New York. Still, Eric Adams is wasting no time showing he actually has some common sense. 

The brand new mayor of the Big Apple went on Bloomberg TV and scolded the leaders of Walt Street’s banks for continuing to keep their workers away from the office through January. 

The sensible new Mayor articulately pointed out how this isn’t just about the people who wear expensive suits and dresses and sit in offices.  Not having workers in offices affects lower-wage workers and the entire financial ecosystem of the biggest city in the U.S. 

“You can’t run New York City from home. We must have everyone participate in our financial ecosystem to allow the low-skill, unskilled, and people who are doing hourly employees to actually be part of our eco-system. They can’t remotely do their job.”

In a nutshell, Adams is telling business leaders that they have to find a way to live with Covid, not in fear of it. 

“We must get open, and let me tell you why. That accountant from a bank that sits in an office — it’s not only him, it feeds our financial ecosystem. He goes to the cleaners and get his suits clean, he goes out to the restaurants, he brings in a business traveler, which is 70% of our hotel occupancy.”

Most big banks on Wall Street already require vaccinations for employees, and now they are considering making booster shots mandatory too. 

For now, Adams said he would keep in place the vaccine mandate his unpopular and loathed predecessor Bill de Blasio put into effect. 

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