EV Or Not EV? The Luxurious New Mercedes Electric Car That Will Be In Showrooms This Fall Is Going To Make Many People Ask Themselves That Question.

Electric vehicles have been described in a lot of ways since their inception. 

Over-the-top luxurious is not one of them. Which makes the news that Mercedes-Benz is going to be delivering the 2022 EQS Electric sedan to dealerships in the fall of 2021 so exciting. 

It will be the first long-range EV from Mercedes for sale in the U.S, and it will be one of nine EV’s that Mercedes plans on releasing by 2022. 

The German automaker allowed The Verge to take one for a drive, and they reported on some of the cool features the car will have, including a 56-inch Hyperscreen that will carry the Mercedes MBUX infotainment system.  It features an augmented reality heads-up display, and a two-tone paint job combo that some people will love, and no doubt some people will loathe. 

The range is expected to be 478 miles or so, but it could go lower after testing by the US EPA. 

Now for the big question; how much will it cost. Mercedes wants to make that a surprise, and they have not announced pricing yet, but industry insiders are universal in their belief it’s well over six figures. By comparing the base model Mercedes S-Clss starts at $110K, and with current gas prices it will cost an additional king’s ransom to keep the gas tank filled.  

A similarity priced, electric, luxurious vehicle is going to appeal to a lot of people, and with a range equal or better to what a Tesla can deliver, it will most certainly grab the attention of the most famous resident of Austin, Texas. 

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