Mobboss Nvidia finally pissed off their community enough to spark revolt

Nvidia, a producer of computer hardware, mainly graphics cards, has not gone without controversy in the last few months. 

It started with the rumors around their new 3000 series graphic cards. Nvidia was able to generate so much hype around the launch with promising astounding performance and a giant leap in innovation. 

Honestly, the 3000 series graphics cards are impressive. However, their successful marketing had one flaw. Supply was and still is extremely limited. The hype and supply issues generated an influx of scalpers (scalpers are people that use automated programs called “bots” that can buy multiple products within seconds and sell the products with a markup). 

The scalpers bought almost all the stock out of the hands of the gaming community within seconds. Nvidia did nothing to block the scalpers or be transparent about supply issues. If this was not bad enough, a few weeks later, the community would discover that Nvidia had sold numerous graphics cards of the already limited stock to cryptocurrency miners. 

Nvidia makes these cards for gamers but does not seem to care about caring for their community. 

Two days ago, Nvidia decided to show its real face. In mob boss style, Nividia sends an email banning YouTube partner Hardware Unboxed from receiving review units because they did not like the commentary enough. Of course, you can still defend this move. However, they continue by saying, may your editorial direction change, that they may be open to revisiting the ban. 

This move sparked so much outrage inside the community that just two days later, Nvidia u-turned on their decision to reinstate Hardware Unboxed into their early review program. 

Let’s hope that Nvidia learned from their mistakes this year and treats their community better next year. 

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