Mississippi Is Looking To Financially Sack Brett Favre. Legendary QB Named in Massive Lawsuit.

FILE - Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre speaks to the media in Jackson, Miss., Oct. 17, 2018. On Monday, May 9, 2022, the Mississippi Department of Human Services sued Favre, three former pro wrestlers and several other people and businesses to try to recover millions of misspent welfare dollars that were intended to help some of the poorest people in the U.S. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis, File)

Brett Favre is a hero in his home state of Mississippi.  Except for the Mississippi Department of Human Services, which just named the Hall of Fame legendary quarterback in a $24 million lawsuit. 

Why? The state is trying to get back funds intended to combat poverty in one of the poorest states in the U.S. that they believe were misspent.

The state is putting a $3.2 million bill on Favre and Favre Enterprises, Inc. He is one of 38 defendants in the lawsuit, but he’s not the only famous person named.  Former pro wrestlers Brett and Ted DiBiase and their father Ted DiBiase also are being targeted in the suit.  (You may know the older DiBiase as “The Million Dollar Man.”)

This story gets crazier; the former Executive Director of the Human Services Department, John Davis, is named in the suit. The State Auditor said he’s responsible for more than $23 million in misspent funds. 

If you’re wondering how this all went down, the newspaper Mississippi Today said Davis allegedly worked in tandem with non-profits to improperly distribute funds provided by the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.

Davis is on the hook with 20 criminal charges too. 

As for Favre, the lawsuit said he was the largest individual outside stockholder in a pharmaceutical company called Prevacus, which claimed to be developing a drug to treat concussions, according to a Yahoo story. The suit says Farve urged the company CEO to use grant money from the MDHS to invest in Previous. 

According to the lawsuit, Favre also accepted $1.1 million in speaking payments, but he didn’t show at a number of them. He paid back $500K and said he’d return the other half-million, but the lawsuit said he still owes it. 

Man, running away from Reggie White and Ray Lewis seems like it was easy compared to going through this headache for the gunslinger from Mississippi. 

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