Michael Burry, From “The Big Short” Has Stopped His Tweet Warnings Of A Market Collapse. He Deleted His Twitter Account.

It looks like Michael Burry is going to have a lot of extra time on his hands to play drums. 

The investor who got famous for his warning of the impending housing crash that was the focus of the movie “The Big Short” has been warning of a coming crash in the financial markets. 

He’s been in the news frequently the past few weeks, with gloom and doom and dire warnings, but now he’s not only gone quiet, he deleted his Twitter profile. 

He had made a vow to stop tweeting last month after regulators met with him, but prior to that he was extremely active, tweeting warnings about GameStop, bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tesla and at times the stock market in general. 

One of his famous warnings came in February, when he was the stock market was “dancing on a knife’s edge.”

He went so far a couple months ago as to compare the Bitcom and Tesla hype to the housing bubble in 2008 and the dot-com meltdown. 

Burry made tens of millions of dollars betting against the U.S. housing bubble.  His story came to life in a best selling book, and then the movie, where he was played by Christian Bale. 

As of now, there’s no word of any movie scripts being shopped that focus on Burry’s deleted Twitter account. His future warnings will apparently be done in person. 

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