Tangled Web. Many Major Websites Went Down Unexpectedly Thursday Including Amazon, Delta Airlines And FedEx.

A number of major websites were down on Thursday in what experts were calling a widespread outage.

Why? As of mid afternoon Eastern time on Thursday there was no explanation given, but Oracle said they “were monitoring a global issue related to Akamai edge DNS that is impacting acmes to many internet resources, including Oracle cloud properties.”

Translation: It’s a major problem. 

The list of websites down is pretty impressive. It includes Amazon, FedEx, HBO Max, Go Daddy, Capital One, Delta and British Airlines, AT&T and Costco.

It was so bad for Delta that customers were not able to check in for their flights, buy tickets or do anything they normally would online.  By 1:00 on Monday service was back up for Delta. 

At least 44 sites were experiencing significant issues according to DownDetector.

Huge outages like this are becoming common.  Last month a big outage hit Fastly and took down many of the world’s biggest websites.  They blamed the outage on a software bug that was triggered when a customer changed a setting. 


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