Can You Make A Small Fortune With A $10 Investment? According To One Lucky Guy, “You Bet!”

How many times have you ground your teeth as someone at the party says, “I knew it! I would have bet that game so hard!”?

There’s always the post-dated expert running their mouth. But then, sometimes, you find someone who made the winning bet before the games started – and can prove it.

You can’t win big on the NCAA Tournament unless you play the parlays, right?

 (Clearly, this is not a way to get rich; it’s quite the opposite, with parlays being a dependable way to separate the fool from his or her money.)

But there’s always that one, verifiable story on which to hang one’s hopes.

Here is that story:

A sports bettor decided to go the moneyline-parlay route. That is to say, there was no point spread involved in this 10-leg wager.

When betting the moneyline, the ticket-holder needs only for the selected team to win the game – independent of the final score. So … 

Abilene Christian (+380 over Texas)

UCLA (-278 over BYU)

Arkansas (-105 over Texas Tech)

Loyola Chicago (+255 over Illinois)

Oral Roberts (+295 over Florida)

Baylor (-250 over Wisconsin)

Oregon State (+215 over Oklahoma State)

Villanova (-245 over North Texas)

Syracuse (+140 over West Virginia)

Houston (-420 over Rutgers) 

Yep, this person picked a pair of 15 seeds (there are only 16 seeds per region), a 12 seed, an 11 seed and the ninth-seeded Loyola Chicago team to upset No. 1 seed Illinois – outright (without getting any points).

The cost? $10.

The winnings? $33,201.09 through DraftKings. 

Yes, teams like Baylor, Villanova and Houston were expected to win, but there were serious long shots. 

The icing? The gambler could have cashed big before the Oregon State game but chose to let it ride. And the Beavers broke the proverbial dam.


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