Let It Ride! GameStop Investor From The Reddit Forum WallStreetBets Lost Over $13 Million Since Monday, As He Sits On 50,000 Shares.

How was your week? Wait, let me stop you.  Before you say anything, I can almost guarantee it was better than the week a Reddit user going by the name “DeepF—ingValue” had.

His real name is Keith Gill, he’s from Massachusetts, and he has had so many ups and downs watching the GameStop stock price yoyo that he might have an IV drip of Pepto Bismol plugged into his arm 24/7. 

Actually, he’s done pretty well for himself, even with the $13.6 million he’s lost just this week alone.  Gill is one of the more active and well known investors on the Reddit WallStreetBets forum, and he put $53,000 of his hard-earned money into GameStop stocky back in June of 2019. Well, that stock price went bonkers in January as most people know, and Gill rode the Wall Street rollercoaster as it soared into the stratosphere, then fell just as quickly crashed back into earth.

Gill had 50,000 shares along with 500 call options. Since Monday, his shares have lost $13.6 million in value. The GameStop share price fell 60% this week, wiping out a small fortune for Gill.

But don’t shed to many tears for the 34-year old, he apparently has still enjoyed a $7.6 million gain. “I didn’t expect this. This story is so much bigger than me,” he said to the Wall Street Journal in a story last week.

If you want to hear what he thinks about things now, or when he might actually sell some of the GameStop stock he’s been sitting on, follow him on YouTube. He’s got 334,000 subscribers and a whole lot of new friends.

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