The Weirdest Genius The World Has Seen In A While. Kanye West’s Latest Stunt Includes Living In A Football Stadium.

Kanye West had a listening party at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Thursday. 

He’s still there. 

TMZ reported that West is not going to show up for his weekend performance scheduled in Miami Sunday because he hasn’t left the stadium. 

In fact, his team has brought in a chef, and turned part of the stadium into living quarters and a studio space for the bizarre genius. 

On Thursday Yeezy had a huge album party, where a bunch of fans came out to listen and dance to his hew album called “DONDA.”

On Saturday, Kanye was still in the stadium at an MLS game, and still wearing the same outfit he rocked for his event. Needless to say he kind of stuck out in a crowd of thousands of professional soccer fans. 

Not sure he plans on staying in Atlanta, but word is he want’s to put some finishing touches on the new album. 

Oh, he may need to vacate the premises by August 13. The Falcons host the Titans in a pre-season game at the stadium, aka, Kanye’s house. 

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