Don’t Be Fooled By The Shots On The Yacht, She’s Just Jenny From The Block! J-Lo And Ben Affleck Invade The South Of France On Their PDA Tour.

It’s been a long time since Ben Affleck has done a good movie, and J-Lo has been on a bit of a cold streak content wise lately, so the dynamic duo figures they might as well let the world know they are in love in order to stay in the headlines. 

The one time couple who took about a 15 year real are making up for lost time, making out on what seems like every corner of the globe. What’s odd, is that every time they lock lips and tongue, cameras are around. 

The days of being coy about the heat generated between them are over. They flew to France on a private jet and hopped aboard a $130 million mega-yacht to celebrate J-Lo’s 52nd birthday. 

The cost of the flight alone was around $200K, as they crossed the Atlantic on a Bombardier Global 7500.  Then it was time to board the ship named “Valerie” for a private cruise in the Mediterranean. 

J-Lo flaunted it on Instagram if you want to see what good photoshopping,,, I mean, good genes and an incredible workout and nutrition regimen can do for an entertainment icon. 

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