Is Apple Secretly Designing A Foldable iPhone? One Report Says… Maybe!

Apple iPhone’s have been such an incredible success that there’s constant pressure on their designers and developers to keep coming up with subtle tweaks and improvements that keep the demand high for current customers and make it a must-have product for new consumers.

There might be something really big and exciting up their sleeves soon. Bloomberg was first to report that Apple has begun to develop prototype screens for internal testing of an iPhone with a foldable screen. Even though there are no concrete plans or potential dates associated with it, just the idea alone that the tech giant is working on it causes a stir for Apple enthusiasts.

This time Apple would not be the first with a foldable phone, as Motorola and Samsung have both been working on versions of their own for several years. As for Apple’s version, the source who spoke with Bloomberg said the models they are using in testing have a “mostly invisible hinge.”

Don’t expect to see one soon, and who knows, Apple may never go so far as to manufacture foldable iPhones. They are planning on some subtle tweaks to the next generation iPhone. One that is receiving a lot of buzz is a possible in-screen fingerprint sensor — or Touch ID.  That would make the phone more user friendly if the owner is wearing a face mask, a nod to the changes in the world because of the pandemic.

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