Intense Buzz After Official Trailer Release for Mafia States of America

Last Friday, Valuetainment released a short teaser announcing that “Mafia States of America” will be released in the fall. The reaction was a combination of excitement and outrage…with many telling Patrick Bet-David that they need to see this now! They claimed that it was torture to have to wait to see this once-in-a-lifetime sit-down between two notorious Made Men.


Bet-David did not give in. In fact, the Valuetainment founder doubled-down on the anticipation by releasing the official trailer.

Mafia States of America – Official Trailer 2021 – YouTube

In a word: fireworks!  In just one minute and 39 seconds, you can see that this was a sit-down for the ages. It’s equal parts oral history, score-settling, and backyard brawl. There were accusations, threats, and even a few laughs. With Rudy Giuliani saying, “There are a few people who are genetically, inherently bad,” you can see why fans are dying to know when this will premiere.

The sit-down took place at an undisclosed location with heavy security, so in typical Mob fashion, details are hard to come by. Our sources tell us that it will likely premiere before Halloween, but that’s as much as we know.

Stay tuned for updates at, where you can also buy merch from the production.


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