Identical Twin Sisters Give Birth, 90-Minutes Apart, On Their Birthday!

If this were a country song, critics would trash its comical stretching of reality. But it’s not a country song, it’s a Tennessee celebration.

Autum Shaw and Amber Tramontana are not unlike identical twins around the world, having experienced life in similar ways since the day they were born, Oct. 29, 1987.

Their 2-year-old sons were the same weight and length, and earlier this year the moms learned their pregnancies would again be converging around the same day, Oct. 29, 2020.

Sure enough, on a very special birthday, the 33-year-old Knoxville nurse practitioners delivered daughters just 90 minutes apart, making this year a little more bearable with the calendar ready to flip to 2021.

“We didn’t plan to get pregnant at the same time,” Shaw said in a story. “But we’ve always done everything together our whole lives. We went to nursing school together, we went to grad school together, we had our boys and now we have our girls. So it’s almost like, what’s next?”

Shaw’s daughter, Charleston Scott, arrived first, with Tramontana’s Blakely James following an hour and a half later – in the next room.

“Autum delivered and we were able to hear a faint cry,” Tramontana told “Good Morning America.”

“My husband knocked on the wall as a way of saying congratulations. Ninety minutes later, we deliver and they returned the same knock.”

Dr. George Vick, who delivered the baby girls, said that in his more than 40 years of experience as a practicing obstetrician he’s never delivered for twins on their birthdate.

“Amber had a little taste of labor. I saw her the day before and then her sister was ready to roll so we had babies,” Vick told “GMA.” “It was a miracle.”

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