Where’s The Beef?  A NYC Iconic Restaurant Once Named The Best Restaurant In The World Plants Its Flag In A Meatless Menu. 

Consider meat to be the latest victim of the pandemic at one of the finest restaurants in not only New York City, and the United States, but anywhere on earth.

Eleven Madison Park collects accolades for excellence on a regular basis, including three Michelin stars, four star status with the New York Times, and seven James Beard awards. 

Oh, I almost forgot, in 2017 it was named the best planet in the world.  

The place is in the rarified air of being the elite of the elite when it comes to places to eat, and as it was shut down for months on end, chef-owner Daniel Humm did a lot more thinking than cooking.  

He told the Wall Street Journal that during the pandemic he got an idea that some might find a little bit radical. He decided to go completely meatless, re-doing the entire menu to make it almost entirely vegan. 

“If Eleven Madison Park is truly at the forefront of dining and culinary innovation, to me it’s crystal clear that this is the only place to go next.”

 So, when the joint opens up again on June 10, diners will be met with a menu that has no meat, but instead an eight to ten course menu in the main dining room that will consist entirely of plant-based dishes. 

When Eleven Madison Park won their award as the best restaurant on earth in 2017, the story accompanying that honor mentioned some of the dishes that helped garner that kind of honor. Back in the day, pre-Covid, they hung their hat on creative dishes meant for sophisticated palates like roasted duck with honey and lavender, or celery root with black truffle, cooked in a pig’s Blatter.

 It’s a new world, in every way, even at one of the world’s very best restaurants. 

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