Holmes At Home In $135 Million Estate. Former Theranos CEO Living Large During Trial.

Elizabeth Holmes walks into the federal courthouse for her trial in San Jose, Calif., Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021. Holmes is accused of duping elite financial backers, customers and patients into believing that her startup was about to revolutionize medicine. If convicted by a jury in San Jose, California, she could be sentenced to 20 years in prison.(AP Photo/Nic Coury)

Life can not be easy for Elizabeth Holmes right now.  On top of being in the middle of a federal felony fraud trial that could potentially land her behind bars for up to 20 years, she also has to decide on what to wear every day. 

 As she was running the elaborate ruse of convincing investors that Theranos was a game-changing medical company, she only needed to go to her closet and pick one of dozens of plain black turtlenecks she had hanging there.  Her infatuation with Steve Jobs was so intense, that was her daily uniform. 

On the bright side, she no longer has to use that fake baritone voice she channeled as she wowed investors and raised billions for her company. 

And there’s one other nice perk of her life that most people might not be able to relate to.  She’s living in a $135 million mansion in the Bay Area as she goes back and forth to court each day. 

According to CNBC, Holmes is living in the Green Gables Estates, about 40 minutes fro the courthouse.  

What is the Green Gables Estates? It’s one of the properties owned by the family of Holme’s partner, William Evans.  He is an heir to the Evans Hotel Group, and he and Holmes just recently had a baby.

The property has a total of six homes in addition to the main house. There are three swimming pools, a tennis court, and is located in the town of Woodside, which Christie’s describes as “Silicon Valley’s wealthiest and most prestigious enclave.”

In other words, the opposite of what a federal prison cell would be if Holmes is convicted. 


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