He’s The Super Bowl Mack Daddy! Jim McIngvale, AKA “Mattress Mack,” Placed A $3.6 Million Wager On The Tampa Bay Bucs.

Some people store extra cash underneath their mattresses, while others make fortunes selling mattresses, and then place huge bets on the Super Bowl.

Jim McIngvale, otherwise know as “Mattress Mack,” the iconic owner of Gallery Furniture stores in Houston who has made a number of memorable and high-profile bets the past few years, put $3.46 million on the Tampa Bay Bucs. He paid a little extra to get the line set at Bucs +3.5 points, so if they just don’t lose by four points or more Sunday, Mattress Mack will take home $2.72 million.

Mack is a huge sports fan, and does his research. He’s a diehard fan of Houston teams first, but he thinks the key to the game will be the fact the greatest quarterback of all time is wearing a Bucs uniform. “Tampa Bay is loaded with talent on both sides of the ball and led by the greatest football player of all time in Tom Brady, so I’m betting big on the Bucs who have overcome tough matchups throughout this postseason,” Mack said in a press release from DraftKings.

He flew to Colorado Springs Wednesday, and when he got to the airport he pulled up the DraftKings app on his phone, and placed the bet, which will go down as one of the biggest ever on the Super Bowl.

If you think you’ve heard of Mattress Mack before, you have.  Back when Hurricane Harvey caused  catastrophic damage to Houston and the surrounding area in August of 2017, Mack made national news by opening up all his stores for people displaced by the storm.

And later that year when the Houston Astros made the World Series, Mattress Mack did a promotion where anyone who bought a mattress from the store would get their money back if the Astros won the World Series.They did, and he lost millions of dollars, but said it was well worth it.

The biggest bettors like the Bucs in this game. Someone in Nevada placed a $2.3 million wager on Tampa Bay last with with BetMGM.

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