Gas Prices Reach Incredible Heights! The Priciest Cost For A Gallon In Seven Years.

In this March 16, 2021 photo, a gas pump displays gas and diesel prices in Richmond, Va. Gasoline prices are at a seven-year high, Thursday, May 27, ahead of one of America’s busiest holiday travel weekends. But experts don’t expect steep prices to keep eager motorists off the road. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Gas prices are extremely high. Have you noticed?

Of course, everyone who owns a car has, and the proof is in, according to AAA the average price of a gallon of gas hit $3.04 on Sunday, that’s up $1.14 from last year at this time and the highest it’s been in seven years. 

37 million Americans are expected to feel the pain at the pump as they head out for road trips this Memorial Day weekend.  The traffic is 60% higher than last year when we were in the middle of quarantine. 

The state with the highest average price is California, no surprise there. The cost of a gallon in Cali is $4.20. Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi are at the other end of the spectrum, with an average cost of $2.71.

There are multiple reasons for the increase in price. The Colonial pipeline closure didn’t help, and right no 25% of tanker trucks are sitting unused because there aren’t enough drivers. 

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