Gall Pro! Washington Football Team Rookie Chase Young Caught On Tape Awkwardly Begging Tom Brady For His Jersey.

FILE - At left is a 2020 file photo showing Washington Football Team defensive end Chase Young. At right is a 2021 file photo showing Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Tom Brady plays his first NFL playoff game not in a New England Patriots uniform when he and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visit defensive rookie of the year frontrunner Chase Young and NFC East champion Washington in the wild card round. Young said after clinching a spot that he wanted Brady, and now he’ll get that chance. (AP Photo/File)

File this under the category of “you never know unless you ask.”

Washington Football Team star rookie Chase Young caused quite a stir before his team faced Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs last weekend in an NFL Wild Card Weekend playoff game.

Young essentially called out Brady before the game, as he was caught on camera saying in the final regular season game of the season, “Tom Brady, I’, coming! I want Tom. I want Tom!”

The brash kid got his wish, and Brady thrashed Washington last Saturday, and Young made very little impact in the game. 

It’s what Young did after the game that goes further in defining who he is, and what kind of legendary superstar Tom Brady is. Again, Young was heard on camera talking, this time saying to Brady “You’re the real GOAT. I need something from you, though… I need this off you” he said as he tugged at Brady’s jersey.

Almost surreal for some people to comprehend, how after playing an NFL legend, and being humiliated by him, the only thing you can think of is asking him to give you his jersey. Some might say another entitled Millennial demanding something, but regardless, it’s interesting Young would ask a player of Brady’s stature for his jersey.

Flash forward to later in the week, when Brady’s signed jersey arrived for Young, along with the message “Go Blue!” written in Brady’s No. 12 number. An obvious dig at the college rivalry between Brady’s Michigan Wolverines and Young’s Ohio State Buckeyes.

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