For Future International Flights On Qantas Plan On Taking Two Checked Items, One Carry-On, And One Coronavirus Vaccination Shot!

Forget about a negative COVID-19 test – to take an international flight on Australia-based Qantas Airways, CEO Alan Joyce told “A Current Affair” that passengers will have to be injected with a coronavirus vaccine once it hits the market.

“Whether you need that domestically, we’ll have to see what happens with COVID-19 in the market; but certainly for international visitors coming out and people leaving the country, we think that’s a necessity,” he told the Australian version of the show.

Airlines are no different than companies in other industries; if something is working and considered standard with one company, then others are likely to follow suit. Joyce talked about travelers having to provide a digital “vaccination passport” that shows what vaccine they’ve received.

“I’m talking to my colleagues in other airlines around the globe and I think it’s going to be a common theme across the board,” Joyce said. “There’s a lot of logistics, a lot of technology that’ll be needed to put in place to make this happen, but the airlines and the governments are working on this as we speak.”

Just another way the world has changed since the onset of a global pandemic.

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