Homework Assignment. Facebook Is Totally Cool Not Seeing Their Employees Faces Ever Again.

The work from home fad that appeared to be a necessity during the pandemic has caught on, especially in the tech community. 

While Wall Street firms and companies across America are doing all they can to get employees back into the office, the tech behemoths want nothing to do with seeing their employees in the office. 

Facebook is telling their workers to work from home as long as they want.  A HR vice president named Brynn Harrington told the BBC that some employee have been thriving at home and want to keep doing it. “For example, parents who are closer to their children and are happy to cut their commute time and optimize their work day, they’re thrilled to work from home.” 

Zuck is apparently cool with hit too, since he’s allowing it. The employees are even allowed to talk to their manager about making their work from home status permanent. 

Facebook is playing it ultra safe in regards to bringing back workers to the office. They aren’t even close to being fully open for the people that don’t want to work in the pajamas from their kitchen counter all day. 

Harrington said there were employees “desperate” to get back into the offices, especially employees living in small apartments and those who have multiple roommates. 

Back in May of 2020 Mark Zuckerberg said his expectations were just half of his total workforce would be coming back to the office. 

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