Walking Around Money. Elon Musk Sells About $5 Billion Or So In Tesla Stock.

He did it. Elon Musk ran his now very famous poll over the weekend, asking Twitter followers if he should sell some of his Tesla stock, and financial filings on Wednesday confirmed that he did sell almost $5 billion worth of his stock. 

His trust sold more than 3.5 million shares that came to about $3.88 billion during trades on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Those trades were not marked as 10b5, which means there weren’t scheduled.  

He also dumped about 930,000 shares for another $1.1 billion Wednesday night, but that sale had been planned as far back as September 14. 

After Musk ran his poll, Tesla stock declined to the tune of 15% Monday and Tuesday, before ticking up 4% on Wednesday. 

Elon wasn’t the only Musk cashing in Tesla stock for a small fortune. His brother Kimbal Musk sold $109 million worth of his shares a day before Musk ran his Twitter poll. Kimbal is also a member of the Tesla board. 

As for Elon, he still is the richest person on the planet. Even after unloading all those shares this week, he still is holding over 166 million shares. 

With a stock price that closed Wednesday at $1,067.95, you can do the math and figure out just how rich Elon is. 

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