EA Sports Gets Hit By Cyberattackers. Hackers Steal Data That Contains Source Code For Madden And FIFA Games.

Add a new industry to the list that have been victims of a cyberattack; video game publishers. 

Thursday it was learned EA (Electronic Arts) was a recent  victim of cyber terrorists.

According to a CNN report, it happened on June 6, when hackers claimed in online forums that they had obtained 780 gigabytes of data, including the source code for Frostbite. Why is that important? Because Frostbite is the engine that powers Madden, FIFA, and the Battlefield series of games for EA. In other words, some of their most popular games.

It was a brazen hack, and the attackers claimed to have stolen software development tools fo the FIFA 21 game. 

There isn’t a single day that goes by where we aren’t learning of a new cyberattack. It’s safe to assume there are some very nervous executives at EA because this hack opens up the possibility that their source code could be copied by other developers, or used to provide game hacks.

As far as sensitive personal information regarding the players being leaked out, that’s doesn’t seem like it will happen. EA said no player data was compromised. 

EA also said they have already made security improvements and they do not expect an impact on their games or business. 

But when this info gets in the hands of foreign cyber terrorists, there’s no way of knowing what kind of damage can occur. 

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