Dropping Bombshells! President Trump Hints Of New Legal Fight He Might Pursue On First Interview Since Election Night.

President Donald Trump is not done disputing the presidential election in the courts, but he is ready to take on another legal fight.

In his first interview since Election Day, Trump gave 46 minutes to Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” and said he would consider appointing a special counsel to continue U.S. Attorney John Denham’s criminal investigation into the FBI’s 2016 counterintelligence investigation into links between Trump presidential campaign officials and the Russian government.

Anchor Maria Bartiromo said, “You mentioned Jim Comey and Andrew McCabe not facing accountability. Will you appoint a special counsel?”

Trump’s response:

“By the way, Comey and McCabe, that’s the least of it. You talk about the Logan Act. They used the Logan Act on General Flynn, who I was very proud to pardon. But they wanted to use and they did use the Logan Act on General Flynn. And you know where that started.

“Look, this whole thing is a terrible situation. This should have never been allowed to happen. And, you know, it’s an embarrassment to our country. All over the world, they’re talking about it. And, yes, I would consider a special prosecutor, because, you know, this is not a counsel. It sounds so nice. I went through three years of a special counsel, prosecutor. I call prosecutor, because it’s a much more accurate term.

“They spent $48 million, Weissmann and all Trump haters. They spent $48 million. That was the Mueller investigation. They went through taxes. They went through everything. For $48 million, you look at everything. And they found no collusion, no nothing. They found nothing, after friends of mine said, you must be the cleanest guy in the world, because nobody could have gone through an examination like that. And then they announced we have no collusion. There was none.

“And Marco Rubio said President Trump, with the Senate judiciary hearing, absolutely was totally uninvolved. They had nothing to do with Russia. It was Russia, Russia hoax. It was a pure hoax and a very sad thing for the country.”

Trump said he has achieved more than any U.S. president and would have done more if he had not been under investigation.

Bartiromo opened by asking Trump to give precise answers so they could cover more topics. No chance. Trump’s first answer lasted six minutes.

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