Stake News! Donald Trump Was Pitched On Owning Part Of A Conservative Media Company Called “Trump Media.”

President Donald Trump waves to a handful of supporters as he arrives with First Lady Melania Trump at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021. ...SOUTH FLORIDA OUT; NO MAGS; NO SALES; NO INTERNET; NO TV...

Either former President Donald Trump is getting very antsy, and ready to spring back in a big way into public life, or, he’s really enjoying taking a break from being the most-hated, followed, obsessed over person on the planet. 

No social media. No constant personal attacks from cable news and late night comedy show hosts.  Just a nice, chill, semi-retired lifestyle in Palm Beach, Florida like millions of other people in the Sunshine State. 

According to a story in Axios, Trump was pitched on starting a conservative media and tech company that would have come out of the gate competing, or trying to compete with the big boys in traditional media, primarily controlled and dominated by liberal voices. 

The objective of the media company would be to fight back against the “Big Tech” companies, and promote conservative content. 

Included in the 24-page presentation Axios got a peek at, were details of a subscription content and entertainment platform called “Trump+”, and there would also be a social media platform. That would be called “Trump Social Media.”

Making sure the site operated online would be “Trump Technologies,” and their role would be to provide services similar to what AWS does. 

The estimated cost of the company would be about $`15 billion according to the pitch deck. 

The creators of this business plan had one easy job; naming it, all it took was a couple minutes to throw the name “Trump” in front of Avery part of the business.  Not exactly forward thinking, but probably what they though it would take take to interest the former Prez. 

Here’s the problem, he wasn’t into it.  There had been talk at the end of his presidency that he might start a conservative media company, but it apparently won’t be this one. 

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