Flight Crew Tackles And Zip-Ties Would Be Hijacker! Delta Crew Springs To Action When Man Tries To Storm The Cabin.

Flight attendants have had to deal with some unruly passengers lately, but the crew of Delta Flight 386 Friday went above and beyond telling some obnoxious drunks to shut up and put their mask back on. 

A passenger on the flight from Los Angeles to Nashville tried to breach the cockpit, and that’s when the crew got busy. 

Video from passengers shows one of the flight attendants tackling the man, and then zip-timing him before he could do serious damage or take over the plane. 

It was a heroic effort by well trained and quick thinking professionals, who may have helped prevent an air disaster. 

The flight was diverted to Albuquerque, where airport police took the man to jail, where he was then turned over to the FBI. 

As for the flight crew? They got back on the plane as it left Friday eventing to Nashville.

Hopefully the flight attendants will have someone buy them a drink at the airport when they land. 



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