Hack Attacks! McDonald’s, Peloton And Volkswagen Just A Fraction Of Companies That Were Victims Of Cyberattacks in June.

The cybersecurity headlines were dominated by what happened with Colonial Pipeline recently. The company paid cyber terrorists about $4 million to get their computers back, after the weeklong standoff affected the gas supply up and down the East coast. 

Experts say this is a very common phenomena, and just because you haven’t heard or read about other attacks doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. CNN reports on a number of other high profile companies who have been compromised by cyberattacks just within the past month. 

McDonalds was affected by a data breach, and subsequently private information of customers and employees in Taiwan and South Korea was exposed. Mickey D’s jumped on the hack quickly, and worked with third parties to put the fire out quickly. 

Peloton had to warn users of their Bike+ service that there was a security threat planted into their touchscreen. Cybersecurity researchers at McAfee discovered a vulnerability that would allow hackers to gain access of the bike screen and have the potential to spy on Peloton users with the microphone and camera on the machine. 

Audi and Volkswagen reported they were the target of a data breach, affecting over 3 million customers or shoppers who had provided data to the company. 

CNN’s story also referenced the hack on Electronic Arts.

There’s no reason to believe things will slow down in July, so expect to hear more about companies you know and buy products from being the newest round of cyberattack victims. 

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