Clueless Carnage Causer Is Caught. Idiotic Fan On The Run Since Instigating A Horrible Crash At Tour de France Is Arrested.

She’s guilty of being an idiot, regardless of what happens in court.  

French authorities were able to find the woman whose incredibly reckless and stupid actions at the Tour de France on Saturday led to so much pain and bloodshed. 

After hiding out for five days, the 30-year old unidentified French woman who held a sign out onto the road, clipping a cyclist and causing a massive pileup that seriously injured dozens of racers, turned herself in to a police station in Brittany, France. 

Officials hit her with charges of involuntarily causing injury and putting the lives of others at risk — you think?  A former military doctor at the scene described it as being as bad as the aftermath of battles. 

Amazingly, she’s only in jeopardy of being fined roughly $1,700 and spending a year in jail. 

The clueless fan held up a crudely made cardboard sign that said “Go! Gran, Grandad” in a combo of French and German language. 

As she stuck the sign out, mugging for television cameras while trying to claim her moment of glory the over-sized sign clipped Tony Martin, he fell, and it was a mass of humanity hitting the pavement and suffering all sorts of injures ranging from broken bones, separated shoulders to horrible abrasions. 

The gutless fan had fled the scene after causing the carnage, and investigators figured she was from the area because she snuck out secretly so she knew the terrain. 

Race organizers are also planning on suing the woman too.

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