Meet The New Biggest Voice In Conservative Politics. Clay Travis (And Buck Sexton) Selected To Take Over Rush Limbaugh’s Time Slot.

It takes someone with a lot of confidence to fill quite possibly the biggest shoes in the history of the radio business, and there are two people who are apparently up to the challenge. 

The death of Rush Limbaugh created an opening on Premier Radio’s coveted Noon – 3pm Eastern time slot that would bring with it millions of guaranteed listeners, and filling it with the right voice was hugely important. 

On Friday the WSJ first reported that conservative voice Clay Travis, the founder of the sports site “Outkick The Coverage” will take over the show along with co-host Buck Sexton. 

It will be called “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, and will launch nationally June 21st. 

Fans of Travis will have to make the move with him, because he is leaving the show he hosted on Fox Sports Radio immediately. 

For Travis, his gut and research told him it was time to move to a bigger chair. 

“As I looked at the data during 2020, the story it told me was clear. As much as people might enjoy my sports opinions, they loved even more when I talked about issues that were, frankly, far more important than sports: my belief in American exceptionalism and the meritocracy, my rejection of cancel culture and identity politics, my repudiation of everything woke in our culture. I’ve always said that sports should be an escape from politics, but, increasingly, sports became politics.”

Travis has been on the front lines of the war against cancel culture and woeness, and he’s going to have a much bigger platform to share those beliefs in three weeks. 

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